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Grossdorf elects delegates
Wednesday, 22 July 2020
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The CEO of Ukraines Grossdorf (Ukraine) will take part in the conference. The second delegate will be advised of later.

Polish Agro approves delegation makeup
Wednesday, 22 July 2020
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Polish Agro has chosen the CEO and the Director for Agricultural Fertilizers as delegates to the Fertilizers 2021: Eastern Europe, Baltic States & Balkans conference.

KITE Zrt elects delegates
Wednesday, 22 July 2020
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The deputy director for trade and logistics and a trading coordinator of KITE Zrt’s fertilizer trade department will represent the company at the Fertilizers 2021: Eastern Europe, Baltic States & Balkans conference.

Nitrogenmuvek to attend conference
Wednesday, 22 July 2020
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The business development manager of Hungary’s Nitrogenmuvek has joined the participants in the Fertilizers 2021: Eastern Europe, Baltic States & Balkans conference.

Borealis signs up for conference
Wednesday, 22 July 2020
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A market intelligence analyst of Austria’s Borealis (Austria) has confirmed the participation in the Fertilizers 2021: Eastern Europe, Baltic States & Balkans conference.

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Fertilizers sales director of AB Linas Agro confirmed his participation in the conference and will deliver a speech about the mineral fertilzers markets of Lithuania and Latvia.


Mr Levente NEMES, Export Trader, Nitrogénművek Zrt.(Plc.)

"We are already back into Hungary upon yesterday`s Chem-Courier conference attendance. In the name of our company`s delegation I hereby would like to thank you all for the good organisation and professional event management. We see your expansion, and realise Chem-Courier events become more popular, happy for your success! We are pretty much satisfied with event content"


Laura Casuscelli,  Senior Trade & Business Analyst, Fertilizers Europe

“The Warsaw conference was well organized and its programme very interesting. It has been a great opportunity to get an insight into the Eastern European fertilizer business and the latest developments in the industry“



Calin Pop, General manager Romania, Borealis L.A.T GmbH

The conference in Bucharest was extremely useful for the local fertilizer market. Most players were there and we could see what their market vision is. It was also a benefit for all of us to understand how new market participants pop up and what innovations they bring. The format was wise as all the promised areas of interest were covered. Talking with people there, I learned that they were very interested in monitoring the economy (agricultural statistics different areas). This is a good basis for the planning for any of us. I hope you will be back to the region with something similar.


Dmitry Magazanik, Head of Analytical Marketing Department, EuroChem Trading Rus

Thank you and the entire Chem-Courier team for your invitation for the conference and tits excellent organisation! It was a real pleasure to meet old friends and make new contacts in Bucharest. It was very interesting to me to take part in the conference sessions, where a number of detailed presentations on the Central and Eastern European market the available information on which is usually very limited and contradictory were given, and in the round table discussion that, to my mind, drew attention of many conference attendees. A trip to the port of Constanta was very informative as I learnt about the specifics of its location and operations. Onceagain, IreallyappreciateChem-Courierteam’sefforts.


Stefan Grancharov, Marketing Director, Neochim PLC

It was a pleasure to be a part of the 2019 WFM conference. The topics covered were well chosen and represented the current fertilizer market trends as well as what to expect in terms of regulations.



Georgy Yeliseyev, Head of Planning and Sales Analytics Department, UralChem

The topic of the conference includes fertilizer markets of a region with growing economy and good prospects for fertilizer consumption. This region includes Central Europe, the Baltics, Balkans, Ukraine and Turkey. I am sure that all analysts in our industry should seriously follow what is happening there, as this region is a marginal producer at the global cost curve, bly influencing the world markets and prices. Countries like Ukraine, Turkey, Poland, export a lot in some years, but in a different situation may become large net importers of fertilizers and ammonia, thus affecting the world markets and pushing prices up or down. The conference has a b content: it is not only a good reason for local traders to set meetings in its lobby, but also an interesting event from the market intelligence point.


Stefan Grancharov, Director of Marketing, Analysis and Controlling, Neochim

I would like to express my gratitude to you and your team for making the first WFM conference in Athens with regional focus on the Balkans and inviting our company to participate.  The event was well organized and covered all necessary updates on the regional markets. As discussed, the regional market potential might be well undervalued currently, so there is room for growth.  We as a producer and the other participants had many questions answered such as AN trading restrictions in Turkey, Cadmium levels proposal development, regional trade balances etc.


Malgorzata Madura-Folta, Director of Strategic Research, Grupa Azoty

As for the 2018 conference, in my opinion you managed to collect a large number of companies for the first time. I wanted to praise the choice of place (good connection with the airport) and attractions. Maybe you should consider to move the attractions to the starting day, but this is not necessary.
As for the substantive scope, it seems to me that you have been able to present key information from the represented markets.
From the point of view of my work, it would be more interesting for me to expand the scope of information on forecasts and key trends in the short and long term.


Daria Grib, Export Sales Manager, Grodno Azot

I liked the concept, workshop sessions and presentations as well as the chance to do some networking during the evening activities. This means we left the event with some knowledge, not just business cards of the companies that may never buy anything from us. Please keep it up - the market information, trade flows, the key suppliers and producers, pricing factors in a given region. The more information of this kind we have, the better. Your colleagues with their analysis were good at that. I’d be happy to listen to experts talking about each and every country separately.