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Important information for participants

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Thank you for your interest in the Fertilizers: Eastern Europe, Baltic States and Balkans conference that will take place in Budapest, Hungary, on 26—28 January 2022.As a reputable company with many years of experience in the field, we can offer you a detailed market insight and outlook.

Benefits from participation in the conference:

   - Increased revenues and better market standing:with access to our market expertise, you will always outperform your rivals
   - New partners: networking will help you enlarge sales and profits
   - Improved corporate image: by presenting a strong positive self-image, you will heighten awareness of your brand
   - Time and cost savings: possibility of holding negotiations with all the partners in one place
   - Pleasant atmosphere: possibility of doing business in a friendly environment
Fill in the registration form to keep abreast of the latest developments in a changeable market!

World Fertilizer Market (Chem-Courier Agency) is pleased to announce the return of its offline annual conference dedicated to the Eastern European fertilizer market and invite all the market players to register for it as more and more opportunities to travel safely all around the world are arising day by day.

The IV International Conference Fertilizers 2022: Eastern Europe, Baltic States & Balkans will take place in Budapest, Hungary, on 26—28 January 2022 and will be the next step in the sequence of the successful offline conferences in Athens, Greece; Bucharest, Romania; and Warsaw, Poland; as well as an on-line event.

Budapest is considered easily accessible to all the regional market players. The audience of our conferences is growing and we hope to attract more attendees, including large-scale farmers, retailers, distributors, wholesalers and producers operating in the area in focus, this time to provide our regular and new partners with wider opportunities.

The conference covers the fertilizer markets of the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, the Baltic states, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia and Greece. Watching the global fertilizer and raw material markets trends closely, we analyse changes in the region in a year. The conference will address such industry issues as the climate change, desperate price fluctuations, the latest government directives and the consequences of new global sanctions to find possible solutions to them.

The issues of fertilizer logistics and import via the largest Baltic Sea and Southeastern European ports as well as growing popularity of specialty fertilizers and stabilised nitrogen have stayed in the conference spotlight.

The conference attendees will have a chance to get insight into analytics and case studies from market players and WFM experts (Chem-Courier Agency), discuss the burning issues and negotiate with business partners.

The conference highlights:
- Markets for nitrogen, phosphorus and potash fertilizers        
Consumption of fertilizers in the EEBB region
- Stabilised nitrogen and water-soluble fertilizers
- Benchmark prices in region
- Transport and logistics

The conference audience:
- Producers of staple and specialty fertilizers
- International and regional traders
- Importing companies
- Large agricultural businesses
- Regional distributors and wholesalers
- Shipping companies

CC enThe proceedings of the conference Fertilizers 2022: Eastern Europe, Baltic States and Balkans are already available on our website. The conference attendees will be provided with free login and password to access them.