Chem-Courier is a major information agency in the CIS. We have been providing expertise on the CIS chemical sector for over 20 years now, researching the key markets such as the petrochemical, the LHG, the fertilizer, the polymer and coating, the tyre and alkali ones.

Chem-Courier Weekly is a periodical covering the main events, news, main deals and the current trends in the chemical markets. The weekly target audience is companies’ sales, marketing and procurement staff. It is available in PDF format in weekly mail-outs.

Chem-Expert monthly and bimonthly analytical bulletins provide dedicated factor analysis-based economic surveys and offer short-term forecasts of demand and supply, output, exports and imports of specific products. The bulletins are aimed at marketing and forecasting departments.

Our periodicals cover Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Europe, Asia, Americas and Africa.

PDF issues are available at

Our remarkable experience of market research for the chemical industry enables us to maintain close links with the leading market players, including producers, converters and traders.

We get the firsthand information!